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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Title:  Lesbian Slumber Party--The Kissing Game
Studio:  Girl Candy Films
Released:  12/20/11 (available for VOD NOW!)

Sex Scene 1:  Samantha Ryan, Lacie James & Skin Diamond.  For those of you (like me) who have been yearning for a Samantha Ryan lesbian interracial (black/white) scene, THIS IS IT!  And, WOW, what a way to start out!  So, we've got two hot white girls (Samantha and Lacie), and one hot black girl (Skin).  First, let me say that I have nothing against Lacie James--she's very beautiful, and I love 3-some scenes, but this scene would have been PERFECT had it just been Samantha and Skin; they definitely had more chemistry than either one really had with Lacie. Also, Lacie did not fuck either woman, which for a 3-some scene, is very unusual.  The girls are talking about the events of the evening & how all the other girls were playing a kissing game.  Lacie challenges Samantha and Skin to kiss. The two lean in and start with some short, tentative, sweet, tender kisses.  Things get hotter (and so do they judging by their heavy breathing) and there is some terrific, really hot & deep kissing between Samantha and Skin. Lacie then joins in on the kissing, kissing the others sensually.  In true Samantha fashion, she can't keep her hands and mouth off of Lacie's big breasts.  The pajamas come off quickly, and Samantha rubs Lacie's pussy as Skin makes her way down to it.  Samantha is totally focused on Lacie's tits and mouth while Skin eats Lacie out. Skin licks Lacie as Samantha licks and bites Lacie's leg. There's really hot eye contact between Samantha and Skin, as they look at each other fiercely (like they were admiring what the other was doing to Lacie) as Skin fucks Lacie and Samantha attacks Lacie's thigh.  I almost thought Samantha and Skin were going to start going at it themselves lol.   Lacie's high-pitched moans as she reaches orgasm are pretty hot.  Samantha now eyes Skin's lovely brown body, and moves in for the kill.  Lacie kisses and caresses Skin as Samantha hungrily goes down on her--taking that dark clit into her mouth, licking and sucking with the skill and passion she's known for.  I liked the fact that Samantha did not use her fingers on Skin's pussy AT ALL.  It was all about making her cum solely with her mouth, and she went down on her for quite a while. Samantha maintains intense eye contact with Skin and moans with pleasure while eating Skin's pussy, which she vividly enjoys doing. Skin has a very nice orgasm, then she and Samantha kiss. I was totally expecting Lacie to go down on Samantha next, but I was pleasantly surprised (and paying FULL attention) when instead, Skin climbed on top of Samantha, and they began to trib sideways. HOLY FUCK IT WAS HOT!!!!!!!!  Lacie and Samantha kissed a little bit, but as Samantha got closer to cumming, she focused more on Skin, making good eye contact with her.  Skin is great at tribbing, and what's really hot is that while she's skillfully gyrating against Samantha, their pussy lips part and you can see that both women are wet--especially Samantha, whose pussy is glistening inside.  Samantha holds on to Skin's great ass; Skin moves down a little, and her lips and clit are now rubbing directly on Samantha's lips and clit, and that's when Samantha becomes even more vocal and grabbing Skin's ass even tighter.  Skin keeps going; the ecstasy on Samantha's face is undeniable--Skin is pussy to pussy rubbing her to orgasm. Samantha finally explodes hard.  But, Skin's not done with Samantha just yet.  She repositions herself and they continue tribbing "sitting style," as the camera allows us to see white and black pussies meeting and grinding perfectly.  Samantha keeps whispering "yeah," and "oh fuck" while Skin rides her hard, getting closer to cumming herself.  Samantha kisses Lacie from time to time, but she obviously loves looking at Skin on top of her, riding her.  At one point, Skin is pumping Samantha hard (it's super sexy the way her body moves), and Samantha is looking up at her & says a guttural "Oh my god..."  It's like for us guys when our girl is riding us & it's so fucking hot that we can cum just by watching her fucking us--EXACT same thing here. One thing I love about Samantha is that it's always evident when she's super attracted to a girl.  During the entire scene, Samantha is all about Skin--she can't keep her hands, mouth or eyes off her (I wouldn't be able to either, she's so fucking hot). Anyway, during the second round of tribbing, Samantha keeps looking into Skin's eyes, then back down to their pussies rubbing together.  Both girls cum again, and they kiss passionately.  But Skin is STILL not done with Samantha (and who can blame her?)  She moves down to Samantha's pussy and licks and sucks Samantha's clit like a seasoned lesbian, while Samantha kisses and fondles Lacie's tits.  Then, Samantha begins to turn completely red, and her thigh begins to tremble--visibly shaking right before Skin makes her cum hard. They kiss again.  The scene ends with Samantha in the middle, kissing both Lacie and Skin tenderly.

Overall:  5
Chemistry:  4.8
Passion:  4.9
Simply Put:  A MUST-SEE FOR ALL SAMANTHA RYAN FANS. ONE OF HER BEST.  Skin Diamond rocked Samantha Ryan's fucking world. 

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